Nutritious League of Friends


my jumping bean

it feels like a gazillion years since I last posted something. work is REALLY detrimental to blogging ūüėÄ

Yesterday, Angioletto Preschool culminated the nutrition month with the “We Go, Grow and Glow Together” activity. ¬†Kids were assigned a nutritious food from the three food groups and Sofi was asked to be a BEAN. ¬†The rule was not too spend too much on the costume so we made one MAGIC BEAN costume out of:

1 REALLY big green T-shirt (daddy’s Tshirt)
1 roll light green felth cloth (P59.75, SM Department Store)
1 roll chicken wire (P39.75, Ace Hardware)
comforter foam (found in Mama’s tambak)
needle and thread

Putting the foam and shirt together was a challenge. I forgot about pattern-making back in HELE days.  It took me 1 whole day to finish sewing and I had to ask daddy to put wire on it.  It looks like a bean when hung but droops down when Sofi wears it, thus the need for chicken wire.

On the day itself, I found out how competitive parents’ could get when it’s time to make their kids shine. ¬†Haha! The other kids’ costume are well thought of. ¬† But nothing makes a mom REALLY HAPPY than ¬†seeing her kid perform and enjoy the activity. ¬†I’m a stage mommy and proud of it!

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