Bag search!

Maynila is such a beautiful place, except that I’m too scared to bring valuables.  I seldom visit Maynila alone, only on instances that I have to renew my license or if I have to attend a seminar within its vicinity.  That’s why when I went to PRC – Morayta I decided to bring only the essentials.  It’s for the same reason why my pics in the previous post was a few clicks aways from being blurred.

Anyway, here’s what’s inside my ever reliable summer BAG!

(1) brown envelope. It contains all the documents I need for that day.
(2) travel cheat sheet. I’m such a Geographic Idiot (GI), I had to ask Jaims how to get to PRC. I had to write it down. I had to visualize it as I write it down. I didn’t open it naman while in transit. I had memorize it by heart.
(3) PRC IDs. Do I need to explain why?
(4) Pencil Case Full of Writing Tools. Have you ever been to Pasig City Municipal Hall? When you transact your business, and you don’t have a pen. They’ll sell you Panda Pens. They don’t provide and will not lend you any, even if you just forget to sign the doc. Crazy noh?! Good thing PRC provides pens near their Windows.
(5) PASTE. To paste your pictures. If you fail to do so, they’ll ask you to do it. Some Windows have pastes, some doesn’t. It’s better to bring one. I remember bringing one before, and someone saw it. She borrowed it, another came, and they passed it on to each other. Hello?! Get your own.
(6) Smaller Bills. Ma’am, may piso ka? Wala ka bang barya? Exact amounts, coins and smaller bills make transaction faster and better. Bring lots o’ them.
(7) Receipt.  That’s the receipt of the Pastillas I brought home for Sofi.  But make sure you bring something to munch on, or drink when inside PRC.  An early bird ends up hungry.
(8) Handkerchief.  I should have brought a towel.  With the grueling heat nowadays, a towel seemed fitting.
(9) Adidas Floral Dream Perfume.  Trying to smell good despite the heat.
(10) Cellphone.  For emergency calls and text messages.  For games to keep you busy, instead of cursing slow queues.
(11) Nora Roberts’ Birthright.  I read the first few pages while aboard an FX but I decided to play Scrabble instead while waiting for my Petition Form.  I intend to read that sometime 🙂

Another reason why I love going to Maynila are ambulant vendors along the road and overpasses. Every time I go to Morayta, I take home cheap loots from these vendors.   Your P50 can go a long way here.  I have bought pony’s, hair clips and combs before.  Today, I found this:

Presenting! my cheap find along the strip of Morayta. A 30-peso beaded black bracelet. I luv it!

How about you, what’s inside your bag?


License Renewal at PRC

Since you already know how to go to PRC, you can renew your license already.  The complete instruction can be seen at the PRC website.  The reason I’m re-posting this is because the PRC website is seasonal (READ: inaccessible most of the time).

Requirements for Manual Procedure

1. Duly accomplished form which you can download from the PRC website.

Application Form for Professional Identification Card.

I’m also including an alternate link just in case PRC fails to load.

Application Form for Renewal of Professional Identification Card.

2. Two (2) pcs. passport size picture: close-up, colored, plain white background, with complete name tag
3. Photo/Xerox copy of recent professional ID card
4. In case of LOST professional ID card which is still current, the applicant shall submit a notarized affidavit of loss
5. In case of DESTROYED professional ID card, the applicant shall surrender the destroyed card.
6. Renewal Fee.  Call 314-0009 or 736-2248 to verify how much you need to pay.  Mine expired last August 2010, I was told to pay P630.00.

If you intend to have a change of name, fill-up one of these:

Petition for Correction of Entries or Data.
Petition for Change of Registered Name due to Marriage.

Again an alternate link:

Petition for Correction of Entries or Data.
Petition for Change of Registered Name due to Marriage.

and bring the following, on top of the renewal requirements:
1. passport size ID picture. The downloadable form says 1 ½ x 1 ½, but when I asked for another form from the Professional Teacher’s Office, the required picture is passport size.
2. NSO issued Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate. You can request online, for P140.00 each. You’ll get your copy (if no problem was encountered) in 3 working days.
3. Statutory fee of P225.00
4. Metered Stamp (which you can avail at the Ground Floor of PRC.

Each form has an instruction at the back, but sometimes reality can’t really be translated in black and white

Here are my own special steps:

  • STEP 1: Bring out your PRC ID, when entering the PRC gate.  The guards on duty will ask you to do this.  If you don’t have it with you, make sure you have the documents needed as they won’t let you in if you don’t have any business inside PRC.  If you are a teacher, jump to Step 3.  If not, take Step 2.
  • STEP 2: Forms are available at the Customer Service booth.  It’s at the left side of the Entrance Gate.  Go to Step 8.
  • STEP 3: If you’re a teacher they won’t give you, instead they would direct you to 3rd Floor, Annex Building.  I printed one of the downloadable forms above, but chickened out when I went to the the Teachers’ Office.  It looks the same, but theirs has the word Teacher already printed in each form.  I used the form for my librarian license renewal instead.
  • STEP 4: Paste your picture.
  • STEP 5: After filling out the forms, line up at Window 21 of the Teachers’ Office.  If you need to change your name/marital status, go to STEP 12 first.  Submit your form together with the photocopy of your ID.  They will assess how much you need to pay.  Beside me was a nun renewing her non-expired license and she’s paying P480.00.  Mine expired last August 2010 and I need to pay P630.00 + P225.00 (for the change of name).
  • STEP 6: Proceed to the Cashier Window 2.  Just beside Window 21.  Not much line, I wonder if those who had their forms assessed felt that the renewal is a rip-off. HAHA!
  • STEP 7: Go the next Window.  I forgot the name but if you’re right in front of the cashier, turn 135 degrees to your right and you’ll see it.  They’ll give you the claim stub.  Hop to Step 17.
  • STEP 8: Bring your Accomplished Form at the Main Bldg.  It’s called Window 30.  If you’re already in the main building door, turn left, then left again. If you need to change your name/marital status, go to STEP 12 first.
  • STEP 9: Submit your form, extra picture and the photocopy of your old ID.  They will assess how much you need to pay.  Since I called the day before, I learned that I need to pay P630.00.
  • STEP 10: Go to the Cashier.  It has two windows.  It’s located just outside the Main Building Door.
  • STEP 11: Go back to Window 30, and they’ll give you your claim stub. Hop to Step 17.
  • STEP 12: If you are changing name/marital status, go to the 2nd Floor of the main Building and look for the Legal Department.  The 2nd Floor has a guard who would answer your queries just in case.  Here’s how the Legal Office looks like:

  • STEP 13: Have your Change of Name forms notarized.  You will pay P50.00.  When I had my change of name for librarian, it took a while before it was notarized.  Yesterday, it took me less than 5 minutes to be notarized.
  • STEP 14: Go back to the Ground Floor, pass by the Metered Stamp booth and have your petition form metered.  It will cost you P21.00.
  • STEP 15: If you are a teacher go through Steps 5 and 6, then go to the Records Window 9 to verify your records.  Then off to Step 16.  If you belong to other profession, go through Steps 9 and 10.   Then off to Step 16.
  • STEP 16: Go back to the 2nd Floor, Main Building, and submit your forms to the first door at your right side.  That’s where you’ll get your claim stub.  This will take a while.
  • STEP 17: Treat yourself to McDo.

Online Procedures

NOTICE: The online renewal facility is currently available to maritime professionals only. Since this is the first time the facility is being implemented, it has been decided to make it available initially to a select group of professionals to determine its reliability, stability and performance. As soon as this becomes stable then the same will be made available to the rest of the professions for which announcements will be made accordingly.

— Professional Regulations Commission

Waiting for our petition forms to be checked and verified

since I wasn't sure when I can go back, I decided to try DHL's WWWExpress. P80.00 per ID. Aaaargh!


Treat yourself to McDo after perspiring at PRC

It could have been easier,

how to go to PRC or Professional Regulation Commission, Morayta?

Going to Morayta from my place is a bit hell; exciting for the rather adventurous type. In the past, I go to Morayta by taking the Quezon Ave. route which is waaaaaaaay to long. I am from Kapitolyo, Pasig.
Take the tricycle going to Robinson Pioneer
Ride the MRT going to Quezon Ave. Station
Cross the highway
Take the FX, going to Quiapo
Sleep your way through the traffic, wake yourself up once you get to UST.
If I remember correctly, Morayta is two overpass away from UST.
Step-off Morayta
Take the overpass, and walk towards PRC.
But with all the new overpasses created and tricycle rerouted, more walks are actually added to this already long route.  Before leaving for Iloilo, Dudi was nice enough to help me device a new Morayta route.  Thus, the 
Take an FX going to Quiapo P25.00
Go down at the LRT Pureza Station.
Take the train going to Recto (that’s just two stations away from Pureza) P12.00
Go down the station and listen to the barker’s chants.  If you’re hearing Divisoria riders being hailed, chances are you’re on the wrong side.
Cross the street where Nice Hotel is.  Take the Morayta jeepney. P8.00
You can go down right in front of PRC.

Going home was quite easy.  The important thing to remember is finding the LRT tracks over head.  Once you see the LRT, you’ll be able to find FX going back to Megamall or Pasig.  The fare going to Megamall is P35.00.

For other alternate routes, try this blog entry Quite helpful for GI’s like me 🙂 

Happy Tripping!