Ongpin: 14k, 18k, budol-budol???

Originally, the plan for Saturday was to start early — go to Ongpin around 10am, have lunch at Steak MD in Timog and then trace Kamuning in the hope of finding a good gown maker (read: cheap yet elegant). Well, the plan didn’t push through, not entirely. I woke up late since I went to bed at 3am, obviously no one in her right mind will be able to make it that early. I called Jaims to move the “date” after lunch since it was already 11 when I got up. But after taking lunch it rained hard, I couldn’t leave our place. I was able to leave only at 2PM.

So I fetched Jaims then off we went to Ongpin. More than going there, we were more enthusiastic to go to Kamuning. We really want to go there for many weeks now but since I could only leave school at 4PM, we felt that we won’t make it before closing time. Pero syempre we still pushed with Ongpin but we didn’t intend to stay that long kse nga we wanted to go to Kamuning.


When we got off the jeepney, we started checking each store there for styles, for the price. We got to one store and the Chinese owner was so makulit, she was telling us to buy the rings now since they are on sale. She showed us a yellow 14K gold ring, with 2 white gold on the sides and a small diamond at the center. When I tried the ring, they look really good with my engagement ring. She said she could give it for P15,500. Mahal no! I liked the style but since we’re just canvassing and we have only checked two stores, we find it a little pricey. We wanted to leave but she told us that they’re just checking for the availability of the sizes. Whem the attendant came back, they went through the pangungulit process again. The owner was insisting that we buy it now. They were asking us how much our budget is but we would only smile and not give them any figures. The price went down to P10,500 but we still don’t want to give in. It reached to a point wherein they were asking Jaims already how much money he has in the bank. I was scared. I was looking at him and I felt like any moment this guy will finally take the bait. The attendant was already asking him what his bank is and that she’d accompany him in withdrawing. When we were about to leave the store, the owner was willing to give it for P6, 500 already. Really scary. After that incident I was tired already and didn’t want to look for rings anymore but Jaims insisted. We went around Ongpin, got tired, the next thing we knew it was getting dark already. Pare-pareho lang. You go to one store and another, they carry the same rings. We got to this one store, and Jaims saw a ring. It was an 18K yellow gold wedding band with a small diamond at the center. Simple yet elegant, P7, 500 ata, but Jaims thinks it could still go lower.

Ayun, so napagod kami and since it was dark already, we felt like going to Kamuning would be useless since the stores might be close already. So we decided to have a taste of Ongpin. The nearest was Kim Hiong.

Lipot Kim Hiong

And we ordered the following:

stir fried noodles
fried bean curd

We weren’t supposed to order Yang Chow fried rice but when we saw the next table with the yellow rice, we ordered a plateful, too. Sarap.

After 20 minutes, eto na nangyari:


Siba namin no???

Since sayang naman ang oras, we still went around but promised not to stay long in one store. Mas okay pag ganun. No forcing! We passed by SM Carriedo since we planned to buy Ata a new bag but we couldn’t find something that works with his budget. I was thrilled with the luggages. Imagine big luggages cost P600.00. We wanted to buy but we just don’t know what to do with it. Pero good buy yun if ever. It was really a long day, we started at La Loma and ended in Quiapo. It was tiring but the adventure was fun.

Quiapo Church

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